Foreign Visitors

Parisa Translation which is located in Ankara, the world knows the importance of foreign guests of your company coming from all around the world.

However, at certain times meeting the foreign guests turns out to be a problematic issue. Failure to fulfillment of hospitality arising from lack of qualified people who can communicate in any foreign language, problems regarding airport transfers, (timing, communicational and organizational problems, etc.), car rental issues, conflict between the arrival-departure times of the guests and working hours problem deficiency may affect your business relationships.

Devoting close attention to every individual guest is one another challenging issue about hosting your guests appropriately. Most of the leading companies remain incapable to overcome a successful organization.

Parisa Tercüme greets your guests with its Proffessional, Young and Dynamic team.

Complete or Partial Accompaniment: When it is required, Parisa Translation Team will accompany your guests for their prompted visiting programs or accompany them partially.

• Guest-greeting
• Hotel Check-in
• Transfer to the conference hall
• Meeting Translation
• Transfer and Translation Services for Fairs
• Sightseeing Tour
• Field visit organisations for work areas and construction sites
• Interpretation Services for Business Dinner or Coctails
• Airport Transfer

Legal Accompaniment:
Legal Accompaniment for your foreign guests will be handled by our professional team who are highly educated within , the fields of laws, legislations and legal translation.