Georgian Translation

Parisa Translation provides translation services for companies and persons who knows Georgian but has no time for translation or doesn’t know Georgian or desires to get professional translation services.

Through its freelance and sworn translator network including more than 1900 translators, Parisa Translation is in service for Georgian - Turkish translation projects. Translation projects are conducted by professional translators who have comprehensive knowledge in both Georgian and Turkish languages.

Send us your legal, medical, academic and official documents for translation from Georgian to Turkish.

Translation from Turkish to Georgian

  • Contracts
  • Catalogues
  • Web site localization
  • Agreements
  • Technical documents
  • Passport translation
  • Diploma, marriage certificate
  • Marketing documents
  • Court decisions
  • Case documents
  • Georgian-Turkish menu
  • AutoCAD drawings
  • Technical Report
  • Report Translation, Georgian and Turkish
  • Official documents and business papers

Please contact us to get information about current price list. Our pricing policy depends upon the content of the source text.

Parisa Translation renders translation service within the scope of verbal and oral translation projects which require notarization. Please contact us for notary certified translations.